I am turned on by life!

Combine this guided Meditation with your OYoga practice!

Intiamtely Inspired Meditations presents I am turned on by life! Being auto-erotic empowers all areas of your life. Our orgasmic energy is creative energy. Use this powerful meditation lying, sitting, walking or with your OYoga practice to elevate your energy, spark your creativity and inspire your life.

The Highest OYoga lesson I’ve ever given

Everest region 190
This is me trekking to Mount Everest base camp in 2006

The first person I taught OYoga to was a 35 year old woman I met climbing to base camp in Napal in 2006. Half way up a steep descent in the freezing cold we are deep in conversation about being turned on by life. She was already excited and energetic but her love life was dead and she had never had an orgasm let alone experienced orgasmic flow.

So there I was in garland position half way up Mount Everest describing how to self pleasure. Garland position is best for optimal blood flow, optimal open access and ease of going into OrgasmicFlow.

She never looked back! Her whole life changed and it was the start of living life on her terms. Oh and she is still climbing mountains… but now for a living.

So OYoga is not just self pleasure in garland pose. It is combining meditation (coming soon on YouTube Intimate Inspirations Meditations) Yoga and self pleasure to reach orgasmic flow. Orgasmic flow is a powerful way to tap into your subconscious mind. Oyoga is an amazing and pleasurable way to take your self into a state of orgasmic flow.

Orgasmic Flow is a continuation of a momentary orgasm. It is a state of being which you can carry with you after the orgasm has passed.

Orgasmic Flow gives you the gift of being turned on by life.

Orgasmic flow is a spiritual experience. It isn’t about should or shouldn’t , that then becomes religion.

OrgasmicFlow is about expanding your soul, your spirit and becoming more intimate with your intuition and who you are so that you can be all that you were meant to be. Orgasmic flow takes you beyond the rules of sexuality and at the same time elevates your entire experience. Orgasmic flow flows like water energising your life and strengthening your spirit.

How Flow and Orgasm are Connected

So what is OYoga really about?

Orgasmic Flow……..




Finding flow through orgasm and meditation.

Connecting with your sensuality.

Healing sexual shame.

The connection between flow and orgasm?

When you orgasm you let go. You let go of who you are, who you are meant to be and all those expectations you place on yourself. Nothing else matters except for that moment in time.

You let go of your nagging self consciousness, your negative self labels and your worry list.

Orgasm is egoless and timeless.

Orgasmic Flow is a continuation of a momentary orgasm. It is a state of being which you can carry with you after the orgasm has passed. Orgasmic Flow gives you the feeling of being turned on by life.

Everything is magnified. Your senses experience more. Life has more colour. You start to really feel yourself, feel life, in colour. You pull yourself out of the drab and grey monochromatic drudgery of just getting through your day.

Life becomes inspiring. You become inspired, connected, creative. You have found a way to get in touch with your divinity.

Learning how to reach Orgasmic Flow helps you take control of your own pleasure so the expectation is not on your partner or lover. You let go of the expectation that your partner should turn you on and make you feel good and fulfil all your fantasies. You don’t need it anymore. You have control. You are sensual, you are turned on.

This has ripple effects in your life. When you improve your connection with yourself and self awareness improves, all your relationships improve.

You lose the expectations of people needing to make you feel happy. You take control of your own happiness. You give from a place of fullness. It is no longer a struggle for validation and needing to be approved of.

Orgasmic Flow = Turned on by life!

How long does it take to reach Orgasmic Flow?

I’ve been practicing for years and I love nothing more than to devote 2 hours to my OYoga practice. That of course is not always possible. I can take myself to  my magical state of orgasmic flow in less than 10 minutes. And sometimes that’s all I need to change the colour of my day and recharge my energy levels, raise my vibrations and get some inspiration flowing.

It is truly magical, I couldn’t imagine my life without my OYoga practice now. The world is literally a different colour and the senses become heightened. You become more sensual. You feel things in a more sensual way. You enjoy your body more.

One of my favourite intentions with my OYoga practice is “My body is my greatest source of pleasure” and it truly is. OYoga re-sculptures the way you think and feel about your body and therefore it literally does resculpture and refines your body. I never ever tell myself I need to lose weight, that is so anti-inspirational. I just continue to re-sculpture with OYoga if I feel I have let a few kilograms creep on.

When my vibrations are high I can literally feel vibrations and tingling in my sacral chakra. It’s a reminder how good life can feel and it also reminds me to keep up my inspirational practice of OYoga, even if it is only 10 minutes a day. It is always a practice that honours my body and stimulates my inspiration. And I always have something to write about after my practice.

Do you need “likes”

face book likesHave you ever got lost down the rabbit hole of facebook, LinkedIn or other popular social media website. You can lose hours then suddenly look up at the time in surprise and wonder where that time went. This isn’t flow. This is distraction. This is a time drain. It may make you feel good, even validated, but in the end you have lost valuable time and attention that could have been focused elsewhere.

FaceBook ‘likes’ might feel good but I am very worried that a lot of people become dependant on them and even addicted to getting more and more likes. It is creating a culture of needing to be validated. It is creating a ‘neediness’.


On the subject of relationships, do you need your partner to validate you? Do you need your partner to turn you on and make you feel good. Do you expect that from them or are you in charge of your own turn on, your own feel good, your own orgasms?


Orgasmic Flow is about being turned on by life. It is about finding validation and inspiration from the experience of flow. It does not depend on likes from anyone or internet social media. It depends on you. It is what you contribute to your relationship not expect from it.

Finding flow is a unique experience and once you have been in flow you may not even know how you got there or how to get back into it. When you are in flow you can lose track of time and place even. You feel so absorbed by what you are doing that nothing much else matters. It feels so good to be in flow that it can become a divine experience. You let go of ego and any need to have anyone validate what you are doing or why. It gives you a sense of freedom and a state free from worry.

Orgasmic flow is very powerful. Think Flow under a magnifying glass. If you don’t think you have ever experienced flow you would have, even if it was when you were a child immersed in play. When you do experience orgasmic flow, everything is intensified. Orgasmic flow is not short lived like a physical orgasm. Orgasmic flow lasts long after the memory of any orgasms. You can carry a state of orgasmic flow with you for hours and even days. You can be in a state of orgasmic state for a long period of time that you start to wonder if you will ever come out of it. Guilt starts to kick in because you are not used to feeling this good for this long. Don’t sabotage it! You are meant to feel this good.

Inspiration and creativity are natural by products of Orgasmic Flow. Whatever your project is that you are working on, focus on a relevant intention during orgasmic flow and keep a pen and paper handy then just go with the flow. Write everything down even if it doesn’t make sense at the time. Orgasmic Flow connects you to your source of inspiration. You won’t need anyone’s ‘likes’ or validation when you are in Orgasmic Flow!


The “Sexy Dag”

What! You’ve never heard of the word dag before? Let me start by defining the word “dag.” Dag is an Australian word, that’s why my spellcheck doesn’t like it. It actually means the matted wool on a sheeps rear end often involving faeces. In Australia we use it in colloquial English referring to someone who has no fashion sense and acts a little goofy.

So what is a Sexy Dag then you ask? A sexy dag is someone who has a very sexy energy, a high vibration that is attractive and yet they themselves are not dressed attractively or provocatively. It is their energy.

A sexy dag is someone that unconsciously draws you in and intrigues you. Have you ever seen the movie with Cameron Diaz called Something About Mary? Cameron’s character in that movie was a sexy dag. There was something about her that turned people on and was very like able but it certainly wasn’t the way she dressed or acted.

It was her energy and she was turned on by life and didn’t need to be affirmed by others.

I think a sexy dag is something to aspire to be. We try too hard to look good, act appropriately and win friends and influence people. For a sexy dag none of this matters and it happens naturally. Even when a sexy dag is not dressed fashionably they still look good for some reason. Even when they act goofy or inappropriately they are still likable and attractive. Their energy over rides all superficial appearances.

So my advice to you is be a sexy dag ( without trying too hard of course). Raise your vibrations, be turned on by life, love who you are and who you are with. It’s your energy not your appearances.

Sensual flow for couples

What do remember most about first meeting and falling in love with someone?

Was it the excitement of connecting with someone who turned you on? Was it the relief that you could relate to someone and they ‘got you’? Was the the giddy feeling that came over you whenever you heard their voice? Or was it their touch?

We can usually remember that amazing feeling of falling in love which in the long run isn’t really sustainable…… or is it? No, it’s not meant to last and never does you might say. What can we do though to build and sustain an exciting fulfilling relationship that keeps turning us on? FLOW. 

I’ve talked about before how couples who flow together grow together. That is couples that engage in activities that take them into a state of flow enhances their experience of happiness and satisfaction, as a couple and in life in general.

Here’s another way to engage in flow together……. get into sensual flow. Sensual flow is devoting time and touch to each other. Sensual flow connects couples through touch, oxytocin and dopamine and inspiration.

So how to you get into sensual flow together? One of the easiest and funnest ways is sensual massage. Use lots of oil, have calming music playing, lock the door and play. Lose any expectations of the massage ending up sexual. It’s all about touch, connection and flow through turn on.

Set an intention together and then go with the flow. The flow of oil, the flow of music, the flow of touch. The serendipitous thing about sensual massage is that it is easier for the giver to go into flow than the receiver. Giving a sensual massage is like an unchoreographed dance. The flow of your hands on a naked body can take you to a world you have never been before.

Remember allow time and devote this time to each other, sensual flow and your relationship will take on a new energy. Go with the flow, the sensual flow!

You may also want to try OYoga together.


couple hugging