The greatest HIGH you can ever feel

Perhaps sex and orgasm is the attraction for something else and that attraction has a deeply spiritual significance to it? Could it be that sex is really the closest thing we can approach to truth?

That in the normal life of working, shopping, raising children and seeking pleasure that the experience of sexual intercourse is the only thing that brings closest to your true self and takes you deepest into your true being?


Living in a state of FLOW

Research now confirms that when you are in flow you have access to you inner knowing, your inner genius which means near perfect decision making.

Flow is also state of perpetual renewal. Flow is a healing state. It is a state free from worry, anxiety and depression.

Your stress levels are decreased which means damaging hormones like cortisol are decreased and instead other hormones are pumping through your body; oxytocin, dopamine, testosterone, serotonin, hormones that keep you young and alive in a heightened energy state.

Flow creates a ‘One with’ state….when a sailor is at the helm she becomes one with the yacht and the sea, she becomes in tune with the flow of the ocean and wind. She doesn’t fight it to go in the direction against nature, that would create conditions that make it so much harder and the engine would probably have to be switched on.

An athlete who enters the state of flow becomes one with their sport and their actions flow naturally and effortlessly. Performance levels peak.

When couples engage in activities together that enhance a state of flow, their relationship is strengthened and they experience more happiness together.

This could include things like sailing, sports, bush walking, jogging, art projects, writing, brainstorming, massaging, and of course slow sensual love making.

Research shows orgasm IS a state of flow. Orgasms are for inspiration. Orgasms create renewal, rejuvenation, higher states of awareness, intuition and genius. Conscious awareness takes the ordinary orgasm from a level of a burst that feels good to a heightened state of flow that permeates your life and pulls you out of the ordinary up towards exceptional.

Orgasmic flow can be reached through OYoga, a personal private practice that honours the female orgasm through yoga and meditation.

How to strengthen your Intuition and Connect to Divine Guidance

This is incredible! When you use this meditation in combination with your OYoga practice you tap into your subconscious mind. You can rewrite limiting beliefs and tap into your manifesting powers.

Through OYoga combined with Intimate Inspirations Meditations you can strengthen your intuition and become more aware of divine guidance. And it’s even more powerful if you are a woman!

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Why it is crucial to learn about Sexual Transmutation for Women

kneeling garland pose
Kneeling Garland Pose

Orgasm is a creative energy. Where your focus goes your energy flows. What you focus on during a heightened state of orgasm is magnified. It is magnified in your subconscious mind and energetically. What is magnified subconsciously and energetically is created and birthed into your reality.

You may feel depleted after sex and your orgasm instead of inspired and energised.

You have the ability to carry your orgasm through your life and not just feel a momentary release and high with an inevitable low and possible crash afterwards.

Conscious orgasms inspire your life and keep you turned on by life.


So if you are focused on being self conscious about your body during sex, pleasure and leading up to orgasm, when the moment is over your self consciousness about your body is magnified. And this may only be hidden in your subconscious mind.

What happens then is your subconscious will direct your choices. You may be more vulnerable to criticism about yourself. You may be an easier target for marketing that targets products that are meant to improve how you look and feel. You may even become an impulsive shopper or compulsive gym junkie but nothing will alleviate your self consciousness. It may even manifest as an eating disorder, anorexia or bulimia.

To turn this programming around, the art of sexual transmutation can help you reprogram the subconscious mind in a positive and inspiring way.

When you enter orgasm or a state of orgasmic flow with the intention of loving your body, having gratitude for how good you can feel, the root cause of eating disorders is short circuited.

Orgasms are powerful creative and spiritual experiences. Rewriting your subconscious mind takes a person willing to explore self awareness. Sexual transmutation is more than focusing your orgasm on manifesting.

Sexual transmutation is a growth tool, a self awareness tool, a way you can find integrity to wash away the scars of sexual taboo and shame society has injured us with.

Conscious orgasms inspire your life and keep you “turned on by life“.

The Currency of Sexual Energy

3 benefits of Garland OYoga Pose

Female sitting in yoga squat

This is a picture of traditional Garland pose or Malasana.

The purpose of OYoga is the state of flow, orgasmic flow. Malasana is the perfect OYoga pose because it is upright, open and dynamic.

The upright position promotes blood flow to the yoni. Important for fullness and engorgement for easier orgasms.

Dynamic and supported. In OYoga we use support in garland pose. Try a bed or couch or arm chair. The non dominant arm rests on the support and the knees can also rest open against the support (bed or couch). When you build to orgasm in supported garland the energy will cause your body to naturally rise up to stand. It is very dynamic and promotes the flow of energy up the chakras. When our life energy is activated through orgasm in garland pose, all the chakras are activated especially the crown chakra. This is the key to opening to inspiration. Orgasms are for Inspiration!

The openness of supported Garland gives you easy access to your yoni so that you can relax supported by your prop (bed or couch) while self pleasuring to build to orgasm. Truely the best way to go into orgasmic flow through multiple orgasm. You literally flow from orgasm to orgasm.

Always set an intention for the energy you build. It makes it easier if you listen to one of my guided intimate inspirations meditations. And let the inspiration flow….. stay turned on by life!