OYoga is more than just a wellness practice for women who want more out of life and crave inspiration, creativity, healing and divine guidance. 

A feminine form of Sexual Transmutation, OYoga helps you reach a state of Orgasmic Flow giving you the ability to rewire your subconscious mind and enter a highly creative and intuitive state. It is very much an orgasmic hypnosis, a highly transformative state when combined with positive intentions. 


Yasmin Sheryl de Jong is an author and specialist on the practice of Sexual Transmutation and a self development tool and transformational practice. Since 2006 she has been coaching in the art of Sexual transmutation and in the last 4 years she has been focussing on bringing ST to women in the form of OYoga and Orgasmic Flow.

The concept of ST (Sexual Transmutation) was first brought to the public eye by Author Napoleon Hill in his classic book Think and Grow Rich. This world renowned text ignited Yasmin’s passion in learning more about the art of Sexual Transmutation. What she discovered was that ST involved more than changing thoughts of sexual desire into thoughts of success. The diamond she describes in The Currency of Sexual Energy is the link between the subconscious mind and the ability to tap into the sub conscious by using specific tools and states created by your own powerful sexual energy.

Yasmin goes by the handle of the sailing goddess presenting her other passion of sailing and combining that with how she felt using the art of ST ~ a goddess.

Being in a state of orgasmic flow is inspirational. Without inspiration and being in-spirit life satisfaction and mental health suffers. Our relationship suffers. Our health suffers.

We are creative by nature and our sexual energy is our creative energy. When we suppress it all areas of our life suffer and become depleted.

Orgasmic Flow is reached through combining  yoga with orgasmic hypnosis. 

You may find OYoga to be life changing because not only will you begin to feel better and more energised, you will began to feel better about yourself, stronger, healthier and more empowered with more focus and more drive.

Orgasmic Flow raises your vibrations and keeps you feeling turned on by life.