About OYoga

OYoga is Wellness practice for women who want more out of life and crave inspiration, creativity, healing and divine guidance.

OYoga takes you to a state of Orgasmic Flow.

The purpose of being in a state of orgasmic flow is inspiration. Without inspiration and being in-spirit life satisfaction and mental health suffers. Our relationship suffers. Our health suffers.

We are creative by nature and our sexual energy is our creative energy. When we suppress it all areas of our life suffer and become depleted.

Orgasmic Flow is reached through combining a yin style of yoga with Orgasm and Meditation.

You may find OYoga to be life changing because not only will you begin to feel better and more energised, you will began to feel better about yourself, stronger, healthier and more empowered with more focus and more drive. OYoga orgasmic flow is about finding your source of inspiration and creativity.

Orgasmic Flow raises your vibrations and keeps you feeling turned on by life.