The Highest OYoga lesson I’ve ever given

Everest region 190
This is me trekking to Mount Everest base camp in 2006

The first person I taught OYoga to was a 35 year old woman I met climbing to base camp in Napal in 2006. Half way up a steep descent in the freezing cold we are deep in conversation about being turned on by life. She was already excited and energetic but her love life was dead and she had never had an orgasm let alone experienced orgasmic flow.

So there I was in garland position half way up Mount Everest describing how to self pleasure. Garland position is best for optimal blood flow, optimal open access and ease of going into OrgasmicFlow.

She never looked back! Her whole life changed and it was the start of living life on her terms. Oh and she is still climbing mountains… but now for a living.

So OYoga is not just self pleasure in garland pose. It is combining meditation (coming soon on YouTube Intimate Inspirations Meditations) Yoga and self pleasure to reach orgasmic flow. Orgasmic flow is a powerful way to tap into your subconscious mind. Oyoga is an amazing and pleasurable way to take your self into a state of orgasmic flow.

Orgasmic Flow is a continuation of a momentary orgasm. It is a state of being which you can carry with you after the orgasm has passed.

Orgasmic Flow gives you the gift of being turned on by life.

Orgasmic flow is a spiritual experience. It isn’t about should or shouldn’t , that then becomes religion.

OrgasmicFlow is about expanding your soul, your spirit and becoming more intimate with your intuition and who you are so that you can be all that you were meant to be. Orgasmic flow takes you beyond the rules of sexuality and at the same time elevates your entire experience. Orgasmic flow flows like water energising your life and strengthening your spirit.

How Flow and Orgasm are Connected

So what is OYoga really about?

Orgasmic Flow……..




Finding flow through orgasm and meditation.

Connecting with your sensuality.

Healing sexual shame.

The connection between flow and orgasm?

When you orgasm you let go. You let go of who you are, who you are meant to be and all those expectations you place on yourself. Nothing else matters except for that moment in time.

You let go of your nagging self consciousness, your negative self labels and your worry list.

Orgasm is egoless and timeless.

Orgasmic Flow is a continuation of a momentary orgasm. It is a state of being which you can carry with you after the orgasm has passed. Orgasmic Flow gives you the feeling of being turned on by life.

Everything is magnified. Your senses experience more. Life has more colour. You start to really feel yourself, feel life, in colour. You pull yourself out of the drab and grey monochromatic drudgery of just getting through your day.

Life becomes inspiring. You become inspired, connected, creative. You have found a way to get in touch with your divinity.

Learning how to reach Orgasmic Flow helps you take control of your own pleasure so the expectation is not on your partner or lover. You let go of the expectation that your partner should turn you on and make you feel good and fulfil all your fantasies. You don’t need it anymore. You have control. You are sensual, you are turned on.

This has ripple effects in your life. When you improve your connection with yourself and self awareness improves, all your relationships improve.

You lose the expectations of people needing to make you feel happy. You take control of your own happiness. You give from a place of fullness. It is no longer a struggle for validation and needing to be approved of.

Orgasmic Flow = Turned on by life!

How long does it take to reach Orgasmic Flow?

I’ve been practicing for years and I love nothing more than to devote 2 hours to my OYoga practice. That of course is not always possible. I can take myself to  my magical state of orgasmic flow in less than 10 minutes. And sometimes that’s all I need to change the colour of my day and recharge my energy levels, raise my vibrations and get some inspiration flowing.

It is truly magical, I couldn’t imagine my life without my OYoga practice now. The world is literally a different colour and the senses become heightened. You become more sensual. You feel things in a more sensual way. You enjoy your body more.

One of my favourite intentions with my OYoga practice is “My body is my greatest source of pleasure” and it truly is. OYoga re-sculptures the way you think and feel about your body and therefore it literally does resculpture and refines your body. I never ever tell myself I need to lose weight, that is so anti-inspirational. I just continue to re-sculpture with OYoga if I feel I have let a few kilograms creep on.

When my vibrations are high I can literally feel vibrations and tingling in my sacral chakra. It’s a reminder how good life can feel and it also reminds me to keep up my inspirational practice of OYoga, even if it is only 10 minutes a day. It is always a practice that honours my body and stimulates my inspiration. And I always have something to write about after my practice.


inspired heart

Have you ever been so absorbed in something that nothing else mattered? Have you ever felt so “in the zone” that what you were doing just flowed effortlessly? Have you been in a state where inspiration flowed and you don’t even know where your ideas came from? Have you ever felt ‘a knowing’ so deep that it had to be the right path/decision/inspiration? Did you notice that during these times you felt so good, it felt so right, that you were happiest and most creative and inspired? You were in FLOW. It not only feels fantastic to be in flow, it can be a way you reconnect with your intuition, your creativity, wellbeing and your divine being.

What is flow?

The state of flow has been studied by psychologist Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi. His goal was to understand happiness and what made life worth living. We tend to lump this responsibility on to our loved ones and usually end up frustrated and disappointed. The answer to a fulfilling life is not just love.

Csikzentmihalyi found out through his research that it was people who spent time in a flow state to be happiest more productive and creative. Further research by Graham found that couples who engaged in activities of flow together had happier relationships. When we are experiencing flow, certain parts of the brain become quieter especially the superior frontal gyrus. This siliences our inner critic and fears allowing intense focus and inspiration to flow freely uninhibited.

So when we are in a state of flow it is easier to think more creatively and more courageously. Your sense of self expands and you are able to imagine new possibilities. We are too involved in what we are doing to protect our ego and we emerge from a state of flow with a greater sense of self. We forget ourselves and become totally immersed in what we are doing. It is a highly productive and creative state. We may even forget to eat for an extended period of time and tiredness isn’t felt. A super focused mind is far more efficient and creative than a distracted mind. We solve problems faster and can even feel tapped in to intuition and divine guidance. Most importantly, it feels effortless and we emerge feeling inspired and turned on by life.

The state of flow is a healing state as it changes the chemistry of the brain. There are five potent neurochemicals that are released when we are in flow that amplify the immune system; dopamine, noradrenaline, endorphins, serotonin and anandamide. (Kotler 2014)

The state of flow buys us moments of freedom that help the body and mind heal.

Flow reconnects us to our self and reminds us how good we are meant to feel.

So What is Orgasmic Flow?

Orgasmic flow is not just about orgasm. It is about being turned on by life and in a state of flow. Orgasmic flow starts with energy, sensual energy we build from our OYoga practice. We combine that energy with intention or what is called Intimate Inspirations. Where your focus goes your energy flows.

Without focused intention, our energy can become scattered and confusing and even overwhelming and in reaction we can shut it down again. OYoga is a very intentional practice that helps us feel and direct sensual energy towards an inspiring and exceptional life. It is through OYoga that we can reach a state of flow, orgasmic flow. Our orgasmic flow state acts like a magnifying glass taking us deeper into our intentions and inspirations.

What does Orgasmic Flow feel like?

  • Complete absorption in what you are doing.
  • Turned on by what you are doing.
  • Clarity and a feeling of knowing without doubt.
  • Confidence without your inner critic.
  • Freedom from worry about what anyone thinks about you.
  • Timelessness and egolessness.
  • Empowerment.
  • Control and a sense of mastery.
  • Creative and inspired. Keep a pen and paper handy when you are in flow.



How Flow Improves Your Relationship

Research shows that in normal marriages and relationships, spending more time together does not improve or increase the quality of the relationship. (Gager & Sanchez, 2003; Huston, McHale & Crouter, 1986)

The way in which the couple spends their time together is important. (Graham 2008)


Studies have  also be narrowed this down even more, defining that participating in co-joint activities is good but active involvement in exciting activities is even more strongly associated with relationship quality. That means that Saturday date night at the fancy restaurant and movies after is very pleasurable but are not as effective as be involved in more exciting and challenging activities together like sailing or hiking.

Novel, exciting and challenging activities promote self expansion and opportunities for growth. This idea fits in with the self expansion model developed out of research by Dutton & Aron, who were initially researching arousal and attraction.

The Self Expansion Model describes love as a result of the motivation toward growth and self expansion. (Graham 2008)

When a person experiences exciting and challenging new things with a partner, they incorporate and associate their positive self expansion with their partner. This creates a strong and positive connection that promotes intimacy and enduring friendship. The relationship is seen as inspiring and is highly valued.

A new relationship is exciting and challenging as each person has to focus his or her attention in a wide variety of engaging and communicating activities. As the relationship progresses there are less and less challenges and opportunities for growth and boredom sets in. Relationship satisfaction decreases over time. Couples that do say their relationships are satisfying regularly continue to find new ways to engage in exciting co-joint activities that inspire them to exercise skills and grow together.

These couples experience FLOW together. They lose track of time and are totally immersed in what they are doing. They are focused, creative and happy being involved in their project or activity together. They are in the zone together. They challenge and inspire each other. They incorporate positive aspects of each other into their own personality.

A couple that flows together stays together.

Flow is described as the optimal human experience. Flow is a mental state when you are engaged in a highly challenging activity that matches you current skill level. When you completely engaged in an activity experiencing flow, it feels effortless and you feel invigorated and energised. It doesn’t matter what the outcome of the activity is as the activity itself is the reward.

Activities that are intrinsically motivating promote engagement and growth; it is those type of activities that are more likely to facilitate the experience of flow. (Csikszentmihalyi)

When a relationship reaches the point of both people feeling secure and loved, it provides a solid base for even more explorations and growth.

The Purpose of the Female Orgasm


For hundreds of years scientists have wondered and speculated what is the purpose of the female orgasm. They must have been male or they would have found out. I found this quote from a recent (2011) scientist;

 “Figuring out the function of female orgasm, if any, will probably require very large genetically informative samples, fertility data, and detailed information on sexual behaviour, orgasm rate, and the conditions and partners involved.”

I don’t need a scientist to figure it out for me. I am female and I know the purpose of the female orgasm and it is very important and significantly affects the quality of a woman’s life. It’s not about fertility or incentive to procreate. It’s not about partner selection or genetics.

So what is the point of female orgasms? The experts are still out on that one.

They are not just a feel good lovely way to bond with your partner.

The purpose is a higher purpose; Inspiration.

An orgasm and being orgasmic is about being turned on by life. It is a womans’ link to her intuition and higher creativity. It’s her source of energy and empowerment. It is her connection to guidance and divinity. Orgasm keeps her passionate and in love with herself and life. It’s her birthright as a woman to be multi orgasmic. Why would you want to go through life without them! Share this article if you agree.

Connection before Correction


Do you find yourself in frequent argument with your partner? Are the frequent arguments usually about the same topic? Do you get exasperated and feel that your partner never listens to you  and completely disregards your view on a particular topic? Do you feel they are arguing just because they want to be right? Chances are you are too!

When our busy lives take over and we spend less and less time connecting with our spouses,  our connection and intimacy suffers. The result; more frequent arguments…. over petty things. We stop listening to each other. We stop making time for each other. We avoid hard conversations. We don’t feel like connecting and being intimate because we are holding on to resentment. It becomes a catch 22 situation, “I’ll make love with my partner when I’m not so angry with him”.

Find your own orgasm, bring your own turned on feeling to your relationship.

Whats going on? What can you do to get out of this familiar but damaging pattern? The answer is child psychology. No your partner isn’t a child but child psychology can gives us great advice that is also relevant to our relationship.

Child psychology now tells us that attachment is the most important thing our kids need. When they feel secure and are close to parents they are more likely to listen to their parents and accept guidance and correction. They are less likely to be led astray by peer group pressure or become peer focused.

Connect before you correct.

Connect before you correct is how we should approach our children and our spouses. If we are not connected then trust is weakened. If we are always yelling trust is weakened. If we are always criticising then trust is weakened.

Connect…… verbally and physically.

We need physical connection more than anything in the world. Physical connection is like air. We shrivel and die without it. Our relationships shrivel and die without it. Our connection dies without it. Hold on to your kids and hold on to your partner.

Physical connection builds trust. We all need someone that we trust most in this world and that should be our parents for kids and our spouse for adults.

When we focus on intimacy, physical and verbal, then the subjects that cause issues are better received. There is less rebellion and more understanding. When we are full of oxytocin the cuddle hormone, then we are not going to want to fight about it.

Most couples have a ‘hot topic’, one that is guaranteed to trigger defensiveness and criticism. How do you approach these topics? Cuddle first? Well yes but make sure the cuddle bank is full. This is a long term investment. And do you know what really gets a relationship buzzing? What was that drug you both felt when you first fell in love? Dopamine, yes dopamine makes you feel soooooo good. Combine dopamine with oxytocin to stabilise it and you have a fabulous concoction for a great long term connection.

Where does dopamine come from? Orgasm. Where does orgasm come from? That’s easy to answer if you are a guy. A little more tricky for women but it doesn’t have to be. It is not your partners’ responsibility to make you orgasm. It’s really up to you to find your own orgasm first, your own turn on so that you can bring it to your relationship. This takes so much pressure off him (or her if you are in a same sex relationship).

Find your orgasm, find your turn on, come to your relationship turned on by life!

Let your intimacy inspire you both.