Sensual Awareness Creates Pure Intimacy

This meditation is a guided focussing tool for your sensual and sexual energy. It is a tool to enhance the practice of Sexual Transmutation, the process of channeling your sexual energy for creativity and inspiration. Inspiration is the key – to become in-spirit.
Orgasms are for inspiration and to be able to tap into, and channel our orgasms can profoundly change our life.
Intimate Inspirations are my contribution to honouring the divine feminine and in doing so, honouring the divine in the masculine as well.

This mediation guides you through the process of recognising pure intimacy.
Find out what makes intimacy pure. Sensual awareness will lead us to pure intimacy.

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The Purpose of the Female Orgasm


For hundreds of years scientists have wondered and speculated what is the purpose of the female orgasm. They must have been male or they would have found out. I found this quote from a recent (2011) scientist;

 “Figuring out the function of female orgasm, if any, will probably require very large genetically informative samples, fertility data, and detailed information on sexual behaviour, orgasm rate, and the conditions and partners involved.”

I don’t need a scientist to figure it out for me. I am female and I know the purpose of the female orgasm and it is very important and significantly affects the quality of a woman’s life. It’s not about fertility or incentive to procreate. It’s not about partner selection or genetics.

So what is the point of female orgasms? The experts are still out on that one.

They are not just a feel good lovely way to bond with your partner.

The purpose is a higher purpose; Inspiration.

An orgasm and being orgasmic is about being turned on by life. It is a womans’ link to her intuition and higher creativity. It’s her source of energy and empowerment. It is her connection to guidance and divinity. Orgasm keeps her passionate and in love with herself and life. It’s her birthright as a woman to be multi orgasmic. Why would you want to go through life without them! Share this article if you agree.