Reduce Stress and Anxiety and improve your sleep

Sleep! This is a catch 22. Lack of sleep cause stress and anxiety in particular sleep anxiety. Being anxious about getting to sleep and getting enough sleep. Not enough sleep then causes more stress and anxiety.

Sleeping pills are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They actually rob you of real natural sleep. They put you in a coma similar to too much alcohol. You wake up feeling worse.

To get more sleep first you have to reduce your stress and anxiety. It’s your thoughts that keep you awake at night. How?

Remember once upon a time you slept really well. When was that? How was your life then? What were you doing daily unconsciously?

Here are my top tips to reduce stress and anxiety and get more sleep.

  1. Yoga … of course
  2. Swimming … swimming like yoga requires controlled deep breaths. This way of breathing changes the chemistry of your body and the chemistry of stress.
  3. Connect with nature and sunlight daily. Your body needs sunlight to regulate your internal circadian rhythm. Your soul needs to be reminded that you are a part of nature.
  4. Read a book at night instead of TV or screen time. Studies are highlighting the affect of blue light from screens are a big cause of interrupted sleep.
  5. Address the way you use your smart phone. Instead of spending time flicking through Facebook, choose some good podcasts to follow and listen to. Alternatively download some audible books for inspiration and relaxation. We are so visually overstimulated. Our minds are in information overload from self pro-ported experts and gurus.
  6. Flow- flow is a creative force without judgment. What keeps us awake at night? Judgment. Judgment about our day, judgment about what others did that upset us. Judgment about how we are not good enough. To go into ‘sleep flow’ we have to stop our judging. How do we do that? We have to melt our thoughts and mash them into abstract images. When we do this, the emotions that come with the judgments dissipate and we are left with melting thoughts and a melting body. This might take some practice and the best way to practice is by doing this exact practice during the day with OYoga. Often when we reach for orgasm or judge our ability to orgasm it disconnects us from flow and keeps it further from attaining just like sleep sometimes evades is.

Finding flow into sleep is so similar to finding flow into an orgasmic state. So melt your thoughts when you are practicing OYoga. Meld then into abstract colours. See them change and morph just like a kaleidoscope. Images will appear and then when we don’t judge them or think about them they meld into something else. Let these thoughts come and go, don’t hold onto any of them. It is the inspiration that springs up when your practice is over that you may want to capture and write down. As is with sleep. Do this same process at night and the answers to life will come in your dreams.

Sweet flow …. sweet dreams …. sweet life..

Are you Spiritually Healthy?

Why and how can we take more care of our spiritual health?

Modern psychologist are discovering that our modern mental health issues like depression and anxiety are so closely related to our spiritual health. The two are directly linked.

Our spiritual health affects our mental health.

In turn our spiritual and mental health affects all our relationships, our perception of the world and our physical health.

Psychologists and theologians are also discovering that

our sexuality is directly linked to our spiritual health

and of course, in turn our mental and physical health.

So this means when our sexuality is suppressed, repressed or demonized in any way by ourselves or others our spiritual health suffers. We become less inspired about life and we start to experience things like depression and anxiety.

I don’t think I need to go into the history of sexual oppression because that would take a couple of volumes. We all know and still feel the sexual unease and confusion society still suffers from. The minority’s feel it the most; women and homosexuals.

So let’s focus on the positive and the future and what we can do for our own internal growth and health. In any relationship when one person can hold onto themselves it changes the whole dynamics.

When you know who you are at your deepest core which includes your sexuality and spiritual self, then your self worth is not negotiable. Taking care of your mental and spiritual health is not negotiable. It is not something that needs to be managed by medication or therapy. It is something that needs to be nurtured by YOU and you only. You are the gate keeper to your soul. Don’t let the cows trample your garden. Water your garden with inspiration that speaks to your soul and you will naturally flourish.

We NEED to do this for our selves, our kids, our relationships and for society. We can change our world. We can raise our vibrations and by osmosis, those around us.

Spirituality is like education. There are many versions, many opinions, many authority’s. We think we have to do this course or finish this degree to be someone to “know”. One of the most important lessons I have learnt in life is;

I am in charge of my own education.

That doesn’t mean doing the right degree or course. It means going deeper and finding out for myself. It means doing my own research beyond what you are meant to know and learn.

The same applies to spirituality. You can not place your spiritual health and soul in the hands of one minister, or priest or so called spiritual authority.

YOU are the only spiritual authority for your soul.

Religion takes this authority away.

I don’t have a religion. I don’t have a spiritual system. I am spiritual because my soul speaks to me.

There are many spiritual practices out there and I don’t think you should follow any of them. Gather, learn, feed your soul. Create your own spiritual practice. Nurture your soul and your life will be amazing.

When I was a kid I just wanted to be normal, to fit in. Now it’s the exact opposite. I am not satisfied with normal and acceptable. I want an exception life. My spirit yearns for an exceptional life. Normal is like being chained to the earth and a certain way of living. Normal is following the rules of oppression.

Is your spirit free? Do you have waves of euphoria wash over. You for no reason? If you follow ‘the norm’ waves of euphoria are very rare. If you are. Normal moments free of anxiety and pressure are rare. Our base line is busy and stressed. We don’t leave room in our life for nurturing our spirit and soul.

Make room for your spiritual health. Make time to nurture your soul. Without it, life is a prison.

Sensual Awareness Creates Pure Intimacy

This meditation is a guided focussing tool for your sensual and sexual energy. It is a tool to enhance the practice of Sexual Transmutation, the process of channeling your sexual energy for creativity and inspiration. Inspiration is the key – to become in-spirit.
Orgasms are for inspiration and to be able to tap into, and channel our orgasms can profoundly change our life.
Intimate Inspirations are my contribution to honouring the divine feminine and in doing so, honouring the divine in the masculine as well.

This mediation guides you through the process of recognising pure intimacy.
Find out what makes intimacy pure. Sensual awareness will lead us to pure intimacy.

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Free Your Soul and Spirit

When you don’t set personal boundaries often it becomes evident when the last straw breaks the camels back. You reach a point when you actually feel your spirit literally deflate. Why do we fail to set appropriate boundaries and why don’t we eve realise we don’t until we feel our soul shrivel or cry out in a last ditch effort to survive?

How can we learn where our boundaries are and become vigilant at keeping them to keep our soul from bleeding and our spirit drained of energy?

When we don’t set boundaries we actually de-self ourselves for the sake of pleasing others. This is more than de-selfing our ego, it involves our spirit and soul, and soul depression is the worst kind. We cannot love authentically when we don’t define and set our boundaries.

The first step is defining our boundaries to our self. If we can’t tell our self what our boundaries are, how can we let others know and prevent others from crossing them?

If you don’t know what your personal boundaries are, take time to work on your values first. From here you can work out your boundaries. The more you reinforce your boundaries the stronger they will become and you will be protecting your soul at its core.

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to boundaries.

An example of women finally acknowledging and beginning to set our boundaries is the #metoo movement.


Yes, let the world know you have been violated as a woman but also create and actively voice stronger boundaries. We violate ourselves when we let our boundaries crossed.

We sell our own soul to the devil because of fear of loss.

Job loss, financial loss, and loss of “approval”.

Start with the basic though. Every boundary that maintains your authenticity and your spiritual energy is important. You can not control people’s behavior but you can let your own values and boundaries be known. No, I don’t watch TV after 7pm at night. No, I don’t eat bread with dinner. No I can’t miss my lunch time yoga session to go shopping with you.

No, I don’t tolerate hanging around people who complain and whinge as their main form of communication.

Start with the smaller boundaries and build self respect. It actually is harder to protect the boundaries that we perceive as less significant but that does not make them any less than important. Every boundary we set protects our integrity.

Protect your spirit, be authentic to your soul, set and maintain healthy boundaries.

If your energy feels drained in crowds and loud concerts, don’t give in just one time to please your boyfriend.

Saying no is a boundary setter. No is a positively powerful word and you are allowed to use it!

We often let our boundaries be walked on because of fear of criticism and judgment. Guess what! People criticize, people judge! Your boundaries are far more important.

You are not inflexible or frigid, setting boundaries is a part of maintaining your solid sense of yourself.

How often do you end or remove yourself from a relationship feeling drained? Now in hindsight can you see where you haven’t set healthy boundaries in that relationship?

To not set boundaries is to lose your integrity. To not set boundaries is to lose yourself. You can actually feel yourself doing it, betraying yourself

For your spirit to soar you need boundaries.

To be turned on by life, you need healthy boundaries.

Set your intention and let others know. Don’t keep your boundaries a secret , they will save your soul. Other wise you will end up living a life that is not yours.

You don’t have to run or build fences to keep people out, just maintain your integrity with boundaries.

Without healthy boundaries your soul haemarhages until you either sink into depression or find resolve

I hope you find your resolve moment , it will be a turning point in your life and you will never look back. Resolve creates bulletproof boundaries. Whatever triggers resolve will be the best gift you will ever receive. Turn the cup over and remember your moment. It is worth its weight in gold.

resolve , a turning of the cup experience, you will recognize it when it happens. You may feel like throwing in the towel. It feels like utter frustration. That frustration is you needing others to change. It is not them that needs to change, it is your boundaries you need to enforce. Your integrity that you need to protect.

and with it comes respect. Respect from others and more importantly self respect.

how long will it take for you to strengthen your boundaries?

Make it your intention, your intimate inspiration.

when your boundaries are weak, your integrity is weak, you health also becomes weak. An iridologist would call it your constitution which is a very good description of the overall byproduct of not maintaining boundaries, weak constitution.

It can be strengthened, instantly. When you engage your boundaries your engage your immune system.

There is a direct energetic link. Boundaries not only strengthen your integrity and spirit, boundaries strengthen your mental and physical health, instantly.

don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself.

Integrity, not just a goody goody word that you hear from preachers. Integrity and boundaries will save your soul, enlighten your spirit and keep you in the realm of being turned on by life. It’s matter of respect, self respect.

You can not create a solid sense of your self through likes on social media. You are actually creating the opposite which is a reflected sense of self A reflected sense of self is highly unstable volatile and dangerous. It is soul depleting.

Self love does not come from others loving you. Self love comes from maintaining healthy boundaries and begins with self respect.

Yoga honors your body, mind and soul. A consistent yoga practice sends messages of self respect and self honoring and affects you at a core level. Set your intention mindfully. A yoga practice is not about the tightest leggings or the most perfect pose.

If you are still having trouble understanding your boundaries to create a solid sense of self, journaling about your feelings and experiences helps. Introspection, honoring your emotional response to people and situations. Journal about it to gain clarity. Journal about your values. Journal about what honours your bliss and positive experience of this life. This life is yours. Set your boundaries.

If you consider yourself a spiritual person it is even more important you look at your boundaries. Spiritual people are more accommodating, forgiving and flexible. These are good values but are open to boundary violations from others. Spiritual people are a shining beacon for energy vampires to take advantage of. Remember it is your responsibility to maintain boundaries and it is your responsibility to stay turned on by life.

So from today’s intimate inspiration

I’d like you to create your own intention. What inspires you? After all, it is your integrity that is at stake here, it is your spirit and soul that can only be respected by you!

I respect and maintain my boundaries.

I respect and maintain my boundaries…..

Do you respect yours?

Reconnect with your life energy

Oyoga and Orgasmic Flow are more than just a feel good, pleasurable way to exercise.

In all of us is a saboteur that resides in our subconscious mind. You encounter it daily. How long did your New Years resolutions last? A week, a month? No matter how determined we are our saboteur kicks in and demoralises us. We put off what was so important to us and our passion dwindles.

OYoga is a spiritual experience. OYoga is also tool you can use against your inner saboteur. It is a powerful way to retrain your subconscious programming that sabotages you.

Are you brave enough? It takes just small acts of self respect to strengthen your inner spirit. Take a small step now and inspire your life with an Intimate Inspiration to get you started on your OYoga journey.

Are you a consumer or a creator?

If you are a consumer you will be asking “how can I get more orgasms”. 

If you are a creator you will be asking “what can I create from orgasms”. (besides babies)

The consumer is the shadow side of the creator. We all have a consumer within us and as I have mentioned before, embrace your shadow. Acknowledge this side of yourself so that you have more honour and reverence for the creator in you. 

The consumer in us wants more. The consumer in us is rarely satisfied  and is attracted to quick fixes and new products that will bring us bliss and euphoria. The consumer in us is easily sold but never easily satisfied. 

The creator in us thrives on inspiration. The creator in us approaches problems and issues completely differently to the consumer in us. We look for a creative solution and not just a quick fix. The creator wants to give back to the world, not take. The creator knows that pain is a part of the whole experience and can tolerate pain for growth. Pain becomes almost a privilege because it can be the seed of transformation.  A creators reaction to pain is “bring it on!” 

When we are in our consumer frame of mind we want pleasure to avoid pain. We look for this pleasure in many different places. In the shopping mall, at the restaurant, and on Tinder. We buy faster cars and bigger houses with fancier appliances. We take antidepressants. We do anything to avoid pain. We immerse ourselves in social media to avoid the perceived pain and discomfort of actual connection and possible rejection. 

When we approach orgasms from a consumer frame of mind, it becomes something we want and have to have to feel satisfied. Orgasms become a way of finding pleasure to avoid pain. The more we have the more we want. The chemistry from this approach to orgasms actually gives us a hangover and more pain in the long run. If you would like to know more about this chemistry and the hangover it produces read Cupids Poison Arrow; From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships by Marnia Robinson. 

Yes orgasms are pleasurable and can be addictive, leaving you wanting more. The ‘more’ is in the Flow. Orgasmic Flow. This is where true and deep satisfaction is realised. This is where you find connection, spiritual connection to a higher power that connects us all. We all have access to this connection but not all of us know how to tap in to this incredible power we have available. Our mind and negative thinking disconnects us. Orgasmic Flow brings us back in connection with this higher power. Orgasmic Flow connects us to the creator within us. Orgasmic Flow connects us to a higher vibrational energy that flows through us and brings us in alignment with spirit. This is where inspiration comes from, being “in-spirit.”

Orgasmic Flow is an alternated state and it doesn’t have to end with an orgasm or then some. And it’s not the same state you get from drinking one too many wines. This is the perfect time to mention that drinking alcohol actually dampens the altered state that you are trying to create. I did not touch a drop of alcohol for years for fear of destroying the constant state of flow I was in. Alcohol fulfils its promise of numbing the brain and body, a way of disconnecting us from how we really feel. We drink to forget to find an escape from reality and our problems. We drink to put ourselves in an altered state, but not a higher altered state, it turns out to be a much lower altered state. We drink to calm the drunken monkeys in our head. Let me tell you that yoga is a far better way to calm the drunken monkeys and without the hangover and calories. 

Orgasmic flow is a higher vibrational state than just the goal of reaching orgasm for pleasure and satisfaction. In Flow, Living at the peak of your abilities, Mihaly talks about approaching activities with a goal in mind which helps you enter the state of flow more easily. And so is the state of Orgasmic Flow. The goal is NOT the orgasm itself, especially if you are male. The goal is to stimulate the creator in you and liberate your higher creativity.

So yes there is a goal and NO, the goal is not orgasm. Whether you are male or female, let go of the idea that you have to orgasm to reach this state. Having the thought ‘I must orgasm’ is a sure way to scare orgasms away. When we ‘have to’ orgasm we contract, we use force which is the opposite to power and flow. Flow can not be forced. 

If you are a guy, orgasm and ejaculation will immediately end the state of flow (and even put some men to sleep). If you are a woman, orgasms can put you in a state of flow. Once in this state, chances are orgasms will flow as you go deeper and deeper into this state. You may even find that you don’t want to orgasm and where you are, is where you want to be.