Reduce Stress and Anxiety and improve your sleep

Sleep! This is a catch 22. Lack of sleep cause stress and anxiety in particular sleep anxiety. Being anxious about getting to sleep and getting enough sleep. Not enough sleep then causes more stress and anxiety.

Sleeping pills are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They actually rob you of real natural sleep. They put you in a coma similar to too much alcohol. You wake up feeling worse.

To get more sleep first you have to reduce your stress and anxiety. It’s your thoughts that keep you awake at night. How?

Remember once upon a time you slept really well. When was that? How was your life then? What were you doing daily unconsciously?

Here are my top tips to reduce stress and anxiety and get more sleep.

  1. Yoga … of course
  2. Swimming … swimming like yoga requires controlled deep breaths. This way of breathing changes the chemistry of your body and the chemistry of stress.
  3. Connect with nature and sunlight daily. Your body needs sunlight to regulate your internal circadian rhythm. Your soul needs to be reminded that you are a part of nature.
  4. Read a book at night instead of TV or screen time. Studies are highlighting the affect of blue light from screens are a big cause of interrupted sleep.
  5. Address the way you use your smart phone. Instead of spending time flicking through Facebook, choose some good podcasts to follow and listen to. Alternatively download some audible books for inspiration and relaxation. We are so visually overstimulated. Our minds are in information overload from self pro-ported experts and gurus.
  6. Flow- flow is a creative force without judgment. What keeps us awake at night? Judgment. Judgment about our day, judgment about what others did that upset us. Judgment about how we are not good enough. To go into ‘sleep flow’ we have to stop our judging. How do we do that? We have to melt our thoughts and mash them into abstract images. When we do this, the emotions that come with the judgments dissipate and we are left with melting thoughts and a melting body. This might take some practice and the best way to practice is by doing this exact practice during the day with OYoga. Often when we reach for orgasm or judge our ability to orgasm it disconnects us from flow and keeps it further from attaining just like sleep sometimes evades is.

Finding flow into sleep is so similar to finding flow into an orgasmic state. So melt your thoughts when you are practicing OYoga. Meld then into abstract colours. See them change and morph just like a kaleidoscope. Images will appear and then when we don’t judge them or think about them they meld into something else. Let these thoughts come and go, don’t hold onto any of them. It is the inspiration that springs up when your practice is over that you may want to capture and write down. As is with sleep. Do this same process at night and the answers to life will come in your dreams.

Sweet flow …. sweet dreams …. sweet life..

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