Living in a state of FLOW

Research now confirms that when you are in flow you have access to you inner knowing, your inner genius which means near perfect decision making.

Flow is also state of perpetual renewal. Flow is a healing state. It is a state free from worry, anxiety and depression.

Your stress levels are decreased which means damaging hormones like cortisol are decreased and instead other hormones are pumping through your body; oxytocin, dopamine, testosterone, serotonin, hormones that keep you young and alive in a heightened energy state.

Flow creates a ‘One with’ state….when a sailor is at the helm she becomes one with the yacht and the sea, she becomes in tune with the flow of the ocean and wind. She doesn’t fight it to go in the direction against nature, that would create conditions that make it so much harder and the engine would probably have to be switched on.

An athlete who enters the state of flow becomes one with their sport and their actions flow naturally and effortlessly. Performance levels peak.

When couples engage in activities together that enhance a state of flow, their relationship is strengthened and they experience more happiness together.

This could include things like sailing, sports, bush walking, jogging, art projects, writing, brainstorming, massaging, and of course slow sensual love making.

Research shows orgasm IS a state of flow. Orgasms are for inspiration. Orgasms create renewal, rejuvenation, higher states of awareness, intuition and genius. Conscious awareness takes the ordinary orgasm from a level of a burst that feels good to a heightened state of flow that permeates your life and pulls you out of the ordinary up towards exceptional.

Orgasmic flow can be reached through OYoga, a personal private practice that honours the female orgasm through yoga and meditation.

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