The Highest OYoga lesson I’ve ever given

Everest region 190
This is me trekking to Mount Everest base camp in 2006

The first person I taught OYoga to was a 35 year old woman I met climbing to base camp in Napal in 2006. Half way up a steep descent in the freezing cold we are deep in conversation about being turned on by life. She was already excited and energetic but her love life was dead and she had never had an orgasm let alone experienced orgasmic flow.

So there I was in garland position half way up Mount Everest describing how to self pleasure. Garland position is best for optimal blood flow, optimal open access and ease of going into OrgasmicFlow.

She never looked back! Her whole life changed and it was the start of living life on her terms. Oh and she is still climbing mountains… but now for a living.

So OYoga is not just self pleasure in garland pose. It is combining meditation (coming soon on YouTube Intimate Inspirations Meditations) Yoga and self pleasure to reach orgasmic flow. Orgasmic flow is a powerful way to tap into your subconscious mind. Oyoga is an amazing and pleasurable way to take your self into a state of orgasmic flow.

Orgasmic Flow is a continuation of a momentary orgasm. It is a state of being which you can carry with you after the orgasm has passed.

Orgasmic Flow gives you the gift of being turned on by life.

Orgasmic flow is a spiritual experience. It isn’t about should or shouldn’t , that then becomes religion.

OrgasmicFlow is about expanding your soul, your spirit and becoming more intimate with your intuition and who you are so that you can be all that you were meant to be. Orgasmic flow takes you beyond the rules of sexuality and at the same time elevates your entire experience. Orgasmic flow flows like water energising your life and strengthening your spirit.

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