How Flow and Orgasm are Connected

So what is OYoga really about?

Orgasmic Flow……..




Finding flow through orgasm and meditation.

Connecting with your sensuality.

Healing sexual shame.

The connection between flow and orgasm?

When you orgasm you let go. You let go of who you are, who you are meant to be and all those expectations you place on yourself. Nothing else matters except for that moment in time.

You let go of your nagging self consciousness, your negative self labels and your worry list.

Orgasm is egoless and timeless.

Orgasmic Flow is a continuation of a momentary orgasm. It is a state of being which you can carry with you after the orgasm has passed. Orgasmic Flow gives you the feeling of being turned on by life.

Everything is magnified. Your senses experience more. Life has more colour. You start to really feel yourself, feel life, in colour. You pull yourself out of the drab and grey monochromatic drudgery of just getting through your day.

Life becomes inspiring. You become inspired, connected, creative. You have found a way to get in touch with your divinity.

Learning how to reach Orgasmic Flow helps you take control of your own pleasure so the expectation is not on your partner or lover. You let go of the expectation that your partner should turn you on and make you feel good and fulfil all your fantasies. You don’t need it anymore. You have control. You are sensual, you are turned on.

This has ripple effects in your life. When you improve your connection with yourself and self awareness improves, all your relationships improve.

You lose the expectations of people needing to make you feel happy. You take control of your own happiness. You give from a place of fullness. It is no longer a struggle for validation and needing to be approved of.

Orgasmic Flow = Turned on by life!

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