How long does it take to reach Orgasmic Flow?

I’ve been practicing for years and I love nothing more than to devote 2 hours to my OYoga practice. That of course is not always possible. I can take myself to  my magical state of orgasmic flow in less than 10 minutes. And sometimes that’s all I need to change the colour of my day and recharge my energy levels, raise my vibrations and get some inspiration flowing.

It is truly magical, I couldn’t imagine my life without my OYoga practice now. The world is literally a different colour and the senses become heightened. You become more sensual. You feel things in a more sensual way. You enjoy your body more.

One of my favourite intentions with my OYoga practice is “My body is my greatest source of pleasure” and it truly is. OYoga re-sculptures the way you think and feel about your body and therefore it literally does resculpture and refines your body. I never ever tell myself I need to lose weight, that is so anti-inspirational. I just continue to re-sculpture with OYoga if I feel I have let a few kilograms creep on.

When my vibrations are high I can literally feel vibrations and tingling in my sacral chakra. It’s a reminder how good life can feel and it also reminds me to keep up my inspirational practice of OYoga, even if it is only 10 minutes a day. It is always a practice that honours my body and stimulates my inspiration. And I always have something to write about after my practice.

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