The “Sexy Dag”

What! You’ve never heard of the word dag before? Let me start by defining the word “dag.” Dag is an Australian word, that’s why my spellcheck doesn’t like it. It actually means the matted wool on a sheeps rear end often involving faeces. In Australia we use it in colloquial English referring to someone who has no fashion sense and acts a little goofy.

So what is a Sexy Dag then you ask? A sexy dag is someone who has a very sexy energy, a high vibration that is attractive and yet they themselves are not dressed attractively or provocatively. It is their energy.

A sexy dag is someone that unconsciously draws you in and intrigues you. Have you ever seen the movie with Cameron Diaz called Something About Mary? Cameron’s character in that movie was a sexy dag. There was something about her that turned people on and was very like able but it certainly wasn’t the way she dressed or acted.

It was her energy and she was turned on by life and didn’t need to be affirmed by others.

I think a sexy dag is something to aspire to be. We try too hard to look good, act appropriately and win friends and influence people. For a sexy dag none of this matters and it happens naturally. Even when a sexy dag is not dressed fashionably they still look good for some reason. Even when they act goofy or inappropriately they are still likable and attractive. Their energy over rides all superficial appearances.

So my advice to you is be a sexy dag ( without trying too hard of course). Raise your vibrations, be turned on by life, love who you are and who you are with. It’s your energy not your appearances.

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