Why you need to try OYoga

Experience the new Yoga practice that will have you turned on by life!

HeartSpace Australia shows you how to combine Meditation, Yoga and Orgasm – OYoga for the ultimate experience of Orgasmic Flow for inspiration and a creativity

What is it?

OYoga is your own private practice that combines yoga, orgasm, meditation and intentions to achieve Orgasmic Flow.

What is Orgasmic Flow?

Orgasmic Flow is a altered state brought about by combining Yoga and meditation with orgasm. It’s a state where you can access your intuition, your inspiration and creativity. It is where you can access your greatest healing potential. It is a heightened state of bliss and euphoria.

What do you do?

OYoga is a yin style yoga. All the yoga poses use props and supports so that you can let go and achieve Orgasmic Flow. Even if you’ve never done yoga before you can do OYoga. The focus isn’t getting the posture correct, it’s about using postures and breathing that help your body achieve a state of OrgasmicFlow. The focus is to relax and to honour your body temple.

Another very important component of OYoga is learning about conscious sexuality and Intimate Inspirations. When you ‘play around with’ orgasmic Flow you may experience energy and feelings you have never experienced before. Without conscious awareness the ego can take you for a ride down a path that can get out of control.

With conscious awareness and setting appropriate intentions for your sexual energy orgasmic flow can raise your vibrations so your journey will be enlightening and inspirational.

What do you get out of it?

Ohhhhhh so much! How turned on by life do you want to be?

You will notice your senses become more heightened.

Your intuition will become stronger, make sure you listen to it.

Creativity will flow.

Inspiration will flow.

OYoga has a positive effect on your immune system and healing ability.

Your mood will defiantly be elevated. OYoga is a great anti-depressant.

You will be on your way to staying turned on by life.

OYoga will have a positive effect on your relationship.

How do I learn it?

OYoga is not the type of yoga you do in a group class. It is a very private personal practice. That is why HeartSpace Australia is launching on line courses to take you through OYoga in your own space at your own pace. Subscribe to the mailing list so that you don’t miss out!

Through supported poses you can bring yourself to orgasmicflow and learn how to tap into, and retrain your subconscious mind, re-writing old limiting scripts and concreting valuable new ones using your sexual energy. OYoga can stimulate profound healing through sexual energy when you can allow and direct sexual energy to flow where it needs to flow.

What can take years in mediation and traditional yoga can be achieved in just a few sessions. Through OYoga you can Take your self to a heightened state of euphoria and stay turned on by life. Why would you want to experience life any other way!


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